Liquid waste

Manual scavenging is the most obnoxious and inhuman practice violating the dignity and human personhood of safai karmacharis. It involves the engagement or employment of sections of people to manually dispose human excreta from dry latrines with bare minimum aids such as scrappers, brooms and baskets.

Manual scavenging is integrally linked with caste system...

GTZ Ecosan Program ( has compiled ecosan materials from several organisations into a CD of capacity building resource material. This CD can be downloaded from this page in its entireity.

It contains many useful materials that include guidelines for application as fertilizer, guidelines for safe...

The document goes on to describe the details of the implementation of the Act and includes:

  • Details of the short title, application and commencement of the Act
  • Definitions of the terms that have been used in the Act
  • Rules underlying the prohibition on the employment of manual scavengers under the Act
  • Details of the implementing authorities and schemes...


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