Ganga rejuvenation priority for new Water Ministry

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

New Water Ministry headed by Uma Bharti prioritizes Ganga rejuvenation

Uma Bharti and Santosh Gangwar appointed as the new Union Minister and Minister of State for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, respectively, have vowed to make the Ganga river pollution-free, based on the earlier theme of 'aviral Ganga, nirmal Ganga'. Bharti has also said that the Ministry will prepare a policy initiative for the revival of the Ganga as well as other important rivers in the country.

New Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, says "growth and environmental protection go hand in hand"

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is now the 'Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change'. Javadekar has launched a new online system for submission of applications for green clearances. This new system will ensure safety and transparency between the Ministry and the applicant.

NGT mandates green clearance for iron ore pelletisation units

The National Green Tribunal orders all iron ore pelletisation (conversion of iron ore fines into pellets for steel making) units in the country to seek environmental clearance from concerned authorities. The Environment Ministry and all state Pollution Control Boards have also been directed to ensure that no such unit in the country should operate without a green nod.

Proposed Karnataka Sanitary Facilities Guarantee Bill will give the right to sanitary facilities to eligible people

The state government has proposed the 'Karnataka Sanitary Facilities Guarantee Bill' with an aim to guarantee sanitary facilities, prevent open defection and enable people to lead a dignified life. The proposed Bill will allow eligible individuals to access public toilets and give them the right to construct toilets in their premises. It will also empower local authorities to penalise  violators defecating in the open. 

Uttarakhand government seeks lifting of ban on hydel project

The state government has decided to approach the Supreme Court again to withdraw the ban on several hydro power projects in Uttarakhand. Despite having several major rivers flowing in the hill state, it is forced to buy power worth Rs.1500 to 2000 crore due to the Supreme Court's ban on environment clearance for new hydel projects following the flash floods of June 2013.

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Lead image source: Barry Silver on Wikipedia