Govt to ban mining and thermal power projects in Western Ghats

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Govt to ban mining and thermal power projects in Western Ghats

Environment ministry decides to declare 37% of Western Ghats spreading across six states as Ecologically Sensitive Area. 

Gujarat govt diverts farm water to industries

To cater to the needs of industrial development in the state, Gujarat government denotifies 80,000 ha of land for receiving irrigation water from Narmada canal.

90% of Himachal is open defecation free

With installation of 2.5 lakh more toilets in the state, Himachal Pradesh would be able to achieve its 100% target of total sanitation.

Survey reveals decline in child malnutrition

Number of underweight children reduces from 76% to 43% in boys and 74% to 42% in girls in past four decades, according to the recent survey conducted by National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau.

Jharkhand govt's unworthy act

While Odisha and Andhra Pradesh made exemplary evacuation efforts to tackle Phailin, Jharkhand on the other hand renders 1,00,000 people in the state homeless by releasing water from the Damodar Valley Corporation dams without any prior notice to the people.

18th century stepwell to get a new lease of life

Surart Municipal Corporation sets out to restore and conserve Gopitalav, a quadrangular stepwell only of its kind in South Gujarat.

Farmers forced to use maize as cattle feed

Poor rainfall and lack of irrigation facilities drove farmers in Veppanthatti taluk, Tamil Nadu, to throw the withered away maize cultivated in 10,000 hectares as feed for livestock.

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