Unrecognised slums get recognition

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Unrecognised slums get recognition

Census of India develops the new method of identifying slums as unhygienic and compact dwellings of atleast 300 people lacking proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. With the new method, many unknown slums have added up to the category.

The mega campaign to conserve fuel

Petroleum ministry launches the Mega Petroleum Conservation Campaign and formulates benchmarking norms for LPG stoves and diesel pumps that will help in reducing fuel consumption.

Tamil Nadu govt retrieves 11,250  acres forestland

State government plans to develop protective forests on 11,250 acres of land recovered from encroachments in Coimbatore.

Women take the lead in Jharkhand villages

Becoming a role model for rural women, 29 female mukhiyas receive Jharkhand Panchayat Mahila Samman for their exemplary contribution in development of their respective panchayats.

Good monsoon raises rabi planting prospects

Six per cent excess rainfall this monsoon season raises the reservoir level across the country giving a boost to rabi plantings.

Water purifying market to rise high in India

With increased awareness on clean drinking water, the water purifying business is expected to grow upto Rs 6,100 crore by 2017, says recent report.

Committee for amending the Water Act gets into trouble

Fearing the clause on equitable water distribution might get deleted from the Act, the all party group demands dismissal of Mendhegiri committee formed to suggest amendments in Maharashtra Water Act.

Getting green saves Rs 280 crore for Hindustan Zinc

Green inititatives like generating power through wind and waste heat recovery and installation of adiabatic cooling towers for reducing water wastage helps the company save Rs 280 crore annually.

Karnataka to rejuvenate 221 water bodies under MGNREGS

Kolar district in Karnataka undertakes the project worth Rs 22.17 crore for revival of as many as 157 tanks and 164 ponds, under the employment scheme.

Chennai takes up grey water gardening

Owing to the excellent nutrient sources in wastewater, authorities undertake the pilot project to grow gardens around residential buildings using grey water. 

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