Video : Managing water and wastewater to the last drop in a nature friendly way: A case study from a homeoffice in Indore Madhya Pradesh

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30


This video demonstrates an alternative way of dealing with waste through a decentralised waste disposal method. Rahul Banerjee, Director, Dhas Gramin Vikas Kendra, believes in managing the waste at the point of origin itself, rather than expecting an already inefficient and over burdened local body to find a conducive solution.

He illustrates how waste can be recycled by converting it into a useful resource. All wastewater in the house is treated in the septic tank and soak pit in the house premises itself. Rainwater is also recharged underground through a system of sand piles.

Plants grown near the soak pit, evapotranspirate the water and cool the residential area. A trellis on the roof top, forms a green canopy, cooling the roof further. Organic waste from the kitchen is composted and used as manure.

Dried leaves are collected and mulched in a pit on the roof. The water tank is covered to keep its temperature low. Window are covered by khas and grass curtains, sprinkled with water, providing a natural cooling system that alleviates requirement of fans, coolers and air conditioners.

Installation cost has been a mere Rs 200/- per sqm of built up area whereas the benefits include recharging of the water table, saving on electricity bills and the most satisfactory one - the joy of green living !

A scanned article in the Times of India is attached below for further information.