Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation Information on water and sanitation in India

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

A huge number of links are present on these sites which provide access to various data and information regarding the status of rural drinking water & sanitation and related government projects.

Below is a short list of some of the more important of these links -

  • Habitation Profile: Select a habitation using the query form in this link and the response gives a snapshot of demographic, water supply and water quality information.
  • The website of the Nirmal Gram Puraskar programme of the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation contains a list of Gram Panchayats (block and district wise) that have been awarded under the programme.
  • Drinking Water Quality at Habitation, Block, District and State LevelFor any habitation, this shows the results of water quality test on one or more water sources in the village. The reports show the quantities of several parameters/contaminants in the water and signal those parameters that are outside acceptable drinking water limits. This also shows aggregate test results at block, district and state level. As regards its navigation, from the URL above, click on the hyperlinked number in the rightmost column ("Sources tested") for the state you are interested in, in order to go to the screen where you can query by habitation. Clicking on the state name gives aggregate numbers by district or block, for the samples and sources tested. It also provides a list of habitations identified as quality-affected state-wise and year-wise from 2009-10 onwards.
  • Jalmani: This is a project to provide water purification systems for schools. The reports at the above URL (use the "Reports") link at the top left hand side, give statewise information on the number of systems installed, type of system and cost. You can also find the habitations at which systems were installed.

We encourage you to use the above links to find information for villages that you are familiar with and add your comment below as to the quality and accuracy of the data on the website above. We will bring the attention of the Department to your comments and feedback. 

General Notes:

The following may be noted regarding the terminology: The administrative units in India fall in the following hierarchy: State -> District -> Block -> Panchayat -> Village -> Habitation. 

Some of the above-mentioned pages do not display properly in Google Chrome.