An introduction to sanitation technologies: Video from Water for People

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

We often get asked about toilets— what is the difference between a VIP and an improved pit latrine? What is the actual technology that supports Ecological Sanitation? Good questions, and so we are introducing short videos on different types of toilets.

The videos are meant to provide a simple overview of the latrine, focusing on the principles of how the latrine should work. This technologies section will grow, and I encourage others to send us your short videos as well. In fact we're running a "Support a Movement" Video Competition to do just that, which you can learn about here. Videos often tell stories and provide insights that get lost in 60 page reports…

These videos below might complement the more technical designs that are now becoming widely available through the web, like AKVO’s really nice sanitation portal. Also Africa Interactive put together a great video informal sanitation entrepreneurs in Nairobi and the gap between them and the local bankers.

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