Water recharging around water source in Etawah UP

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:29

This is a photograph of water recharging done around a water source (like borewell). This is being implemented in some primary schools of the area. Sanjay Chauhan, the person behind this initiative says: "I have just excavated the land (1mtr x 1mtr), filled big pieces of bricks up to 10 inches at the bottom, than filled smaller pieces of bricks up to 8 inches, than 6 inches more of smaller pieces of bricks and then put a small mud pitcher (Mitti ka Ghada) at the mouth of the drain and put some grass or gunny bag in to the pitcher.

This is for:-

1. Sanitation & Cleanliness around the water source

2. Good management of waste water

3. Ground water recharge" 

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