FSM- faecal sludge managment

Current evidence has shown that a large population of people in India practice open defecation and do not use toilets even when available. This lack of use has been attributed to the use of defective designs that do not take into consideration the engineering as well as hygiene aspects in terms of construction and maintenance, besides not taking into...

Data of water demand, source, sewage treatment and disposal of all districts of Aurangabad region. Water Quality in Rivers at different villages in Aurangabad region is also measured.

The report contains the information on status of all class I, class II and Municipal Corporations in water supply, sewarage collection treatment and disposal. It evaluates the system on various parameters like coverage, supply in lpcd, water charges, billing and collection.

This paper published in collaboration with Public World (London) focuses on the poor sanitation situation in South Asia, which has the highest proportion of people practising open defecation and argues that improvement in sanitation is one of the most important goals that countries...

Yearly data on access to improved sanitation. seperate data for rural and urban. information on number of flushed toilets, dry latrines, septic tank, piped sewer system is provided.


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