Fact Checker's random school survey casts serious doubts about the government's 100% toilet coverage claim
A random check carried out by Fact Checker has revealed that many schools in some of India’s backward districts still remain without...
National Green Tribunal unhappy with Railways’ practice of discharging waste directly onto the tracks
Women may finally have the freedom to pee anywhere, without having to analyse the extent of a public toilet's hygiene. Read, all ye women, before your next pee break!
Author: Amrtha Kasturi Rangan
Lead image courtesy: Priya Desai
Scenario 1: You go to a cinema and it's cold. Of course, you want...

Every 10 years, the government gears up to capture colossal amounts of data through its Census. We look at the toilet-related data using the numbers shared on household (HH) toilets from the Census reports of...

The state's high toilet coverage has compounded the problem of water pollution and diseases. It now needs an efficient and affordable sewage treatment system.

Authored By : Manu Moudgil

Whenever Nachatar Singh’s wife and children fall sick, he blames it on the groundwater they pull out everyday using a hand pump in his courtyard at Veere Wala...


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