'Open defecation free' status of villages to be verified by state governments
In a bid to take the Swachh Bharat’s sustainability quotient a step higher, the centre has asked state governments to verify the ‘...
Fact Checker's random school survey casts serious doubts about the government's 100% toilet coverage claim
A random check carried out by Fact Checker has revealed that many schools in some of India’s backward districts still remain without...
National Green Tribunal unhappy with Railways’ practice of discharging waste directly onto the tracks
Women may finally have the freedom to pee anywhere, without having to analyse the extent of a public toilet's hygiene. Read, all ye women, before your next pee break!
Author: Amrtha Kasturi Rangan
Lead image courtesy: Priya Desai
Scenario 1: You go to a cinema and it's cold. Of course, you want...

India’s communal fabric is one characterized by immense diversity of practices and belief systems. Local history, environment and culture sculp the way people behave, both as individuals as well as a community as a whole.

Urmila heads ‘Breaking the Silence’, a global campaign on menstrual hygiene management. Interacting with women across regions and age brackets is part of what she does...


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