He wore pads, he figured out how to make them, and he's given rise to social enterprises around making biodegradable pads. Meet the 'Pad Piper' in this film by the same name.

Authored by: Manu Moudgil

Image courtesy: 'The Pad Piper'...
Railways plans to make stations in holy towns and cities 'discharge free': Rameswaram set to be the first such station

The 30,000-strong conservancy workers of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation truly are the unsung heroes of Mumbai

Ignored by the entire city and the administration for most part, the 30,000 strong conservancy workforce clears out close to 6,500 tonnes of garbage on a...

Lack of adequate information, education and communication main reason behind the limited sanitation behaviour change
Researchers have, time and again, pointed out the fact that the lack of proper information and ill-designed...
No running water or underground sewerage connection in your locality? Looking for eco-friendly sanitation solutions for your office? Want to install a waste-recycling toilet at home? Here are some 'Nirgandh' options you could consider.
1."Nirgandh"  Bio Standard
The bio toilet tank is in cement concrete with a capacity is 700...


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