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The Big Necessity - The unmentionable world of human waste and why it matters By Rose George


This is a...

Global warming induces an increase in global precipitation through the augmentation of evaporation. According to the IPCC, rainfall patterns are likely to be modified with some regions becoming more arid and others experiencing more rainfall.

While precipitation is increasing in eastern parts of North and South America (cf. the...

Sanitation - a big problem in India, as half the population of our country do not have access to this facility. Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in the world and advanced in terms of its commercialization. However, sanitation is one of the most common issues neglected. Our team of women from Jan Jagruti went into the lanes of 3 areas Azad Mohala, Bharatiya Kamla...

Some recent news items from the news feed that India Water Portal maintains at Newsrack: (http://newsrack.in/stories/arghyam/Water/55) :

  • Six sewage treatment plants coming up in tsunami-affected areas of Nagapattinam, TN :...

Ashok Jaitly, Water Resources Department, TERI
Policy issues in water conservation

Habil Attarwala, Furaat Earth Ltd., Gujarat

R S Sinha, SWaRA
Policy initiatives for rain water harvesting in UP –Challenges and Gaps


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