Liquid waste

Yearly data on access to improved sanitation. seperate data for rural and urban. information on number of flushed toilets, dry latrines, septic tank, piped sewer system is provided.

Water resources information of the Bundelkhand region about water demand, availability, supply and accessibility and information on sanitation practices like toilets, personal hygiene, solid waste management, liquid waste disposal and availability of water for sanitation.

This paper published in collaboration with Public World (London) focuses on the poor sanitation situation in South Asia, which has the highest proportion of people practising open defecation and argues that improvement in sanitation is one of the most important goals that countries...

Study on hygiene and sanitation practice in two districts of Madhya pradesh - Dhar and Khargone. Various surveys are carried out showing information on use of toilet, washing hands, treatment of drinking water, diarrhoea rate and water related health issues.

It is a table giving the total amount of industrial waste and sewerage is discharged in coastal water by 10 states


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