Thermal power plants Indias biggest water guzzling industry

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Thermal power plants India's biggest water guzzling industry

Most of the older generation thermal plants in India use open loop–wet cooling systems which accounts for 40-80 times more water use than the world average. These plants constitute 88% of the total industrial water demand in the country

Inquiry report of the Kosi floods out finally

The one man inquiry commission looking into the causes behind the Kosi flood in 2008 that killed more than 250 people in Bihar and dispalced many, has finally submitted its report

Rampant sand mining in Kozhikode, thanks to elections

Illegal mining and trade of sea sand goes up in Kerala's coastal region due to less surveillance by revenue officials, who have been deployed for Lok Sabha election duties

UPA hurries up rural water supply

In February, the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation asked all the states to furnish data on individual household water connections in order to implement the scheme of providing 50% of the rural households with piped water supply

Mangaloreans seize elections to highlight opposition to Yettinahole

NGOs in the city want the Yettinahole river diversion project in political parties' manifestos. To distribute pamphlets asking residents to exercise NOTA (none of the above) option

Clean up storm water drains: NGT tells Delhi govt

The Tribunal ordered that no storm water drains in the city should be covered and sewage and solid waste not allowed to enter the drains. The Tribunal was hearing a petition filed by the NGO Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan

Kerala university to become water independent

The University, which does not get enough from the state water authority but still has to pay more than Rs 1 crore as bills every year, decides to tackle the problem with its own wetland, contour bunds, percolation ponds and water treatment plant to store water.

Hailstorm destroys crop in Jaipur too

After Maharashtra, the unseasonal rainfall hits agriculture in and around Jaipur. Standing Rabi crop and vegetables, especially in Chomu, the biggest fruit and veggies supplier to the city, was destroyed by the rain

Kerala to launch its own bottled water

Sabari, the bottled water brand of the Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation will be launched in April and will be priced at Rs 12 and 13 per litre as compared to many private brands that sell at Rs 15-20 per litre

India knew how to conserve water ages ago

As early as 7000 years ago, people in the country knew the importance of conserving water and developed their own rainwater harvesting methods. A look at some of them

Capital shame

There are areas even in the national capital Delhi where toilet facility is almost non-existent. A look at some of them through a foreigner's eyes

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