The water and energy nexus

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

The Water and energy nexus

A report released by the United Nations in Tokyo this World Water Day says places where people do not have adequate access to water largely coincide with those where people have no electric power

NGT demands report on fluorosis in Maharashtra

12 districts in the state are affected by fluoride in groundwater thereby causing skeletal and dental fluorosis among residents. The Tribunal directs the state pollution control board and the Groundwater Board to submit a report on the analysis of water quality

Polavaram to dominate polls in Mehbubabad

The displacement of tribals resulting from submergence due to the Polavaram dam is the biggest issue in this constituency during the upcoming the election campaign for Lok Sabha elections

Pre-monsoon cleanup to prevent floods in Guwahati

The state govt hires contractors to clear 83 drains and rivulets of silt and garbage to prevent artificial flooding besides dredging the Bharalu river and training volunteers to clear blockages in monsoon

Patna's water supply to be hit this summer

Groundwater level in the city will see a decline, thanks to low rainfall last year, say experts. Existing water supply network defunct even as the new scheme under JNNURM suffers from red-tapism

Sugarcane drinks up all the water in Maharashtra

One hectare of sugarcane crop means water deprivation for four hectares of any other crop. 6% of the State's cultivated area occupied by the water-guzzling crop

Madurai in the midst of big water crisis 

Deforestation, bad monsoon and inefficient water management blamed for the crisis. Experts suggest waterways across rivers to handle it

India and Singapore NGOs win UN Water for Life award

The International Water Management Institute-Tata Water Policy Programme in India won the award for best water management practices while Singapore-based “NEWater programme” won the best participatory, communication, awareness-raising and education practices award

How much water should flow through a river to let it survive?

The Inter-ministerial group on the Ganga river has recommended an ecological flow of 25% for eight months and 30% for four months. Is this enough?

Water for the needy, wildlife and for water itself

Chennai's samaritans provide water to the thirsty, build water holes for birds and animals and clean up water bodies so that they can store more clean drinking water

This is the news roundup of March 21, 2014.