Hailstorm destroys crop in Maharashtra

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Hailstorm destroys crop in Maharashtra

Unexpected rain and hailstorm severely impacts crops like wheat, grapes, papaya, cotton, onion and Jowar spread over 12 lakh hectares and kills thousands of livestock, animals and birds even as the State still does not have a plan for climate change.

Govt yet to restore drinking water schemes in Uttarakhand

The bidding process for the revival of nine urban and 3,000 rural water supply schemes that were damaged in last year's floods has just begun. Restoration to be funded by the World Bank and ADB.

El Nino a sign of climate change

The phenomenon that could disturb monsoon in India this year is part of natural cycle but its intensity and frequency is a sign of climate change, assert scientists.

Maha launches Rs 200-crore river clean-up plan

The river conservation plan will be launched in towns on the riverside with a population of less than 15,000 and will involve processing effluents and supplying recycled water for agriculture and industry

Bangalore students clean lake as authorities pass the buck

The 32-acre Kengeri lake in the city is completely covered with weeds and suffers from encroachment even as the Bangalore Water Board has taken no measures to divert the sewage dumped into the lake by nearby houses.

After Panchkula, water-borne diseases in Mohali too

After water contamination rendering people ill in the Haryana suburb of Chandigarh, more than 100 cases of diarrhoea and anteric fever have been reported in Mohali, the Union Territory's suburb in Punjab since february. Four out of five water tests show water unfit for drinking.

Guwahati refinery helps with drinking water

Under its corproate social responsibility scheme, the Refinery will provide free drinking water to 53 households in a hilly part of Guwahati.

Install a monitoring mechanism for wetlands: Bombay HC

The High Court lashed out at the state government for not preventing encroachments on as many as nine wetlands. No wetland authority yet in Maharashtra.

Superamma changes behaviour towards handwashing

Use of emotional drivers like disgust associated with dirty hands, nurturing a healthy child and social acceptance have a stronger impact than conventional health risk messages that public campaigns often tend to use, shows a study published in Lancet.

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