Dams sold but tribal issues remain unaddressed

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Dams sold but tribal issues remain unaddressed

Jaypee group is yet to pay a due of Rs 82 crore under local area development fund against Kinnaur's Karcham Wangtoo dam. Other dues under pollution norms, damage due to tunneling and forest rights also remain pending

Telangana chief promises drought free Mehboobnagar

K Chandrashekhar Rao who led the Telangana struggle said he will ensure that the Krishna waters flow free through the drought-prone district making it yield bumper harvest

Two panels to oversee Almatti dam rehab

The Karnataka government has set up two committees of 26 members to oversee land acquisition and resettlement and rehabilitation of people to be affected by the increase in the height of Almatti dam from 519.6 to 524.25 metres

Three of 14 water samples in Panchkula unfit for drinking

The public health department in this Haryana district collected samples from a housing society after more than 30 people were reported to be ill due to water-borne diseases

Effluent vent worries Mangalore

A vent to the pipeline carrying treated effluent from the Mangalore special economic zone has people worried as it is directed towards a stormwater drain and might pollute the Nandini river

Kerala fishermen protest marine sand mining

National Fishworkers’ Forum says the the move is aimed at helping the sand mafia. Demands an independent Fisheries ministry

Water and sanitation key to women power

Adequate water supply a must for women's personal development and sanitation for their dignity. On this women's day, former IPS officer Kiren Bedi writes on the importance of water for women

China's dam fever a threat to Asia's water security

By annexing Tibet, China has taken control of a large number of cross border rivers and building dams on these rivers will affect downstream countries of Central and South Asia, said experts at a conference on regional water security and riverine disputes

Dedicate land for water

If all cities treat themselves as watershed and devote 5% of their land to development of water bodies, meeting the water crisis would be a lot more easier, says S.Vishwanath

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