Handbook for flood protection antierosion and river training works by Central Water Commission 2012

India Water Portal
Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

This handbook by Central Water Commission aims to provide necessary guidance to the field engineers in the state and central for design, appraisal, construction and monitoring of the flood management works covering all the relevant BIS codes, design manuals, guidelines, technical specifications for construction materials and practices etc. to meet new challenges in the flood management in India.

It provides typical examples of civil structures to help the field professionals in standardizing the design practices and use of state-of-art technology. The handbook will be beneficial for all practicing engineers dealing with flood management works.

With a brief over view of the impact of floods in India in the introductory chapter, the handbook then goes on to elaborate on different types of floods, the ways through which floods have been managed and salient features of Flood Management Programme. It has following chapters:

  • Construction materials
  • Design of flood embankment
  • Design of flood revetment
  • Design of spurs/groynes
  • Design of RCC porcupines-screens/spurs/dampeners
  • Design of drainage improvement works
  • Implementation and construction methodology
  • Cost estimate of flood management works
  • Unit rate analysis for flood management works

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