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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

WASHGender in WASH: Misplaced perspective in WASH sector

The bi-monthly e-Newsletter of India WASH Forum begins by including the second day deliberations of the national workshop on Women Led Water Management Workshop of IRRAD in Delhi/Gurgaon in Nov 2012 . The IWF Report to the MoRD-MoWS and UNDP international workshop on Greening of the Rural Water Supply Programme of Govt of India is also included.

Growth and Justice: 12th Five Year Plan Prescriptions : Mazher Hussain

A comprehensive description of the plan, its statement, comparison to the 11th five year plan, its features and focus areas.

National Convention: Water and Sanitation considerations for the 2013 Union Budget

It gives details of the presentation made on behalf of India WASH Forum to inform the finalization of the recommendations of the Peoples Budget Initiative of the CBGA. It discusses the overall scenario, investments involved, the various programs run under it and the related institutional aspects.

Greening of the National Rural Drinking Water Programme of Govt of India: Report

UNDP and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation held an international workshop on 14th May 2012 in Delhi to inform the “Greening the Rural Development Programmes of Govt of India, including the National Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme”. This report is a a desk study based research for “Greening the NRDWP”, along with the key recommendations sought.

IRRAD-UNICEF Workshop on Women Led Water Management, Gurgaon

This throws light on the last session of the conference, where action planning was organized through formation of four groups to propose action points for the themes allotted.

World Bank Support to Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in India: WSP Report 2012

As a part of this review of Bank-supported projects, a Scheme Sustainability Survey was undertaken in 2010. This comprised a field study conducted over a sample of 75 piped water schemes across the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. A report on the findings is described here.

South Africa's Sanitation Cesspools: Toilet Apartheid

This talks on the 18-year era of neoliberal-nationalist mal governance including toilet apartheid, in the wake of more than 150 years of colonialism and straight racial apartheid.

Manual Scavenging: Court Order – Wilson Bezwada

Here the latest order of the Supreme Court is attached and discussed.


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