Guidance notes for continuous water supply 24X7 - A guide to project preparation implementation and appraisal A report by Water and Sanitation Program

India Water Portal
Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

This report by Water and Sanitation Program is a guidance notes meant for governments, municipal administrations and water utilities that are considering of converting their water distribution services from intermittent to continuous (24-7) supply. It covers both technical and non-technical aspects in the water service delivery.

The report first explains the shortcomings and dangers of intermittent water supply and the need for continuous supply, which is overwhelmingly beneficial in comparison. The planning and its related preparatory aspects are outlined in the notes. Further it covers the institutional and financial matters underlying the entire process.

Guidance Note 1 is on “Why Convert from Intermittent to Continuous 24-7 Supply?”It explains why operation of water distribution network under round ‘o’clock is an absolutely essential – and achievable – goal.

Guidance Note 2 sheds light on the “Institutional and Financial Issues”. It describes the principles that are essential for good governance of a water service without which any 24-7 supply conversion process would be placed at risk.

Guidance Note 3 is on “Building Blocks for a 24-7 Water Supply Service”. It spells out the essential constituent building blocks of a 24-7 water distribution service– technical, operational, institutional and economic.

Guidance Note 4 is on “Planning and Implementing Conversion to a 24-7 Supply”. It sets out the options for implementation of a 24-7 supply conversion process, key actions and issues to be taken into consideration when planning and implementing the project and raises the issue of communication – internal and external. Further the concept of Continuous Water Supply Support Units (CWSSU) is also introduced whose role would be to provide support to local governments and their water service providers throughout the conversion process from various preparatory actions required to plan and launch a 24-7 supply conversion program.

Guidance Note 5 is on “24-7 Supply: Benefiting from Improved Distribution System Management”. It describes the management and monitoring of a 24-7 supply service, once it is achieved.

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