Urban sanitation in India; life after Common Wealth Games

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

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  • Recent estimates of drinking water and sanitation status of India
    As per the estimate, India has achieved a coverage of 68% rural population having access to an individual household toilet.
  • Urban sanitation in India: life after Common Wealth Games
    The Commonwealth Games generated a media blitz recently. Unfortunately, instead of highlighting the sorry state of sanitation in India, the issue was trivialized in the media.


  • The Asian Development Bank recently did an Evaluation of their 2001 Water Policy
    According to the Evaluation – “The water policy establishes two fundamental principles. It treats water as both a social and economic good, and acknowledges the fundamental distinction between "water as a resource" and "water as a service."
  • The National Water Policy is under review
    The Ministry of Water Resources is taking the initiative of reviewing National Water Policy. The major thrust of the review seems to be on addressing the demand-supply gaps and conservation of water resource for agriculture and industry.