Indias Sanitation for All : How to make it happen- An ADB report

India Water Portal
Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

India's Sanitation for All: How to make it happen - An ADB reportThis discussion paper by ADB, examines the current state of sanitation in India in the context of the Millennium Developmental Goals, which call for a 50% reduction in the proportion of people without sanitation by 2015 and India's goal of providing Sanitation for All by the 2012.

The paper targets policy makers, governmental ministries, state and local governments, non-governmental organisations, developmental agencies and all those who are involved in the planning and implementation of sanitation policies in India. It makes a few recommendations for the successful implementation of sanitation efforts in India.The focus of these recommendations is on household sanitation, which includes safe disposal of human excreta, as measured by household ownership of a sanitary latrine and household access to drainage facilities.

The key recommendations include the need for :

  • Scaling up of the successful pro-poor sanitation programs 
  • Targeting investments at those who are the most in need
  • Exploration of cost-effective options 
  • Proper planning and sequencing 
  • Adoption of community-based solutions where possible
  • Forging of innovative partnerships to stimulate investments

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