Report of steering committee on drinking water supply and sanitation for tenth five year plan and report of working group on natural resource management and water resources for 11th five year plan

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:30

Report of steering committee on drinking water supply and sanitation for tenth five year plan

As in the Eighth and Ninth Plans,  in the Tenth Plan also the approach to the water supply and sanitation sector will take into account the following guiding principles suggested in the New Delhi Decalration, which was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in December 1990:

a) Protection of the environment and safeguarding of health through the integrated management of water resources and liquid and solid waste;

b) Organisational reforms, promoting an integrated approach and including changes in procedures, attitudes and behaviour and the full participation of women at all levels;

c) Community management of services, backed by measures to strengthen local institutions in implementing and sustaining water and sanitation programmes;

d) Sound financial practices, achieved through better management of existing assets and extensive use of appropriate technologies.

In this perspective, the Tenth Plan would envisage 100 per cent coverage of rural and urban population with safe drinking water as per the stipulated norms and standards on a sustainable basis, together with the installation of a quality monitoring and surveillance system all over the country, evolving cost effective and socially acceptable O&M strategies, reorienting the structure and functioning of rural water supply planning and implementing agencies and taking all measures to ensure sustainability of drinking water sources. Tackling the problems of drying of sources, and of the quality of water in several regions, providing a role for the beneficiaries and Panchyati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Planning and implementation of the water supply facility are other priority tasks. External assistance would be used to augment resources and introduce innovative management practices. Read the report

Report of working group on natural resource management for the 11th five year plan

This report details the analysis of status and management scenario of natural resources, weaknesses and strengths of the various programmes and the future challenges and goals; presents new strategies, programme interventions and policy options and actions, and financial outlays to be adopted in the XI Plan for natural resources management towards the stipulated agricultural growth with a human face. Read the report

Report of working group on water resources for the 11th five year plan Read More