Ecosan calculations urine as a fertilizer

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Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:29

Vishwanath calls on all to set aside the "yuck" factor and take a rational view of the use of urine as a fertilizer. From a open discussion he goes on to list out the advantages of using plant nutrient rich urine as fertilizer and provides the maths behind his validation!! Write in with your take in the comments!

Highlights: 1. A litre of urine is worth about 40 paise in unsubsidized fertiliser price equivalent. 2. A family/person produces enough for a balanced diet for himself/herself annually. 3. A toilet can pay for itself in 4.65 years with the urine alone!! 4. There is a list of plants and what dose to put for which! 5. A non-veg diet produces double the amount of K -Potassium as a veg diet. 6. The morning urine which stays in the body the longest has the most nutrients! 7. Salt buildup through Sodium may be a problem in constant application. 8. A urine analysis can help your kitchen garden as much as it can tell you about your health ( diabetes is the fast growing urban disease as is high blood pressure). 9. India fertilizer subsidy was 120,000 crores this year. It can be halved if all urine in India is used as a fertilizer. 10. The carbon footprint and emissions is highest for fertilizers extraction,transportation and manufacture in agriculture use. 11. The single largest polluter of surface water and groundwater in urban India with nitrate contamination is human urine. 12. URINIT, I'MINIT, WEAREALLINIT if we do not think smart with sanitation!! 13. 100,000 people at least saw Ecosan and urine application possibility at the Soil Science stall for the first time in the Krishi Mela organised by GKVK UAS Bangalore. There was laughter merriment but also serious questioning of the issue. The attached excel sheet provides a Version I breakup of the above mentioned calculation:Ecosan & Urine!