National Consultation Meet on developing a Citizens Report on water and sanitation in New Delhi

India Water Portal
Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:29

A National Consultation Meet was organized by WaterAid towards developing a Citizens Report on Water and Sanitation in India was held on the 12th January 2008 at New Delhi. The proposed Citizens Report aims to present to the nation, peoples contexts, how they cope with the current situation of water and sanitation, their ideas, priorities constraints and expectations on different aspects of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. The National Consultation was a starting point to develop a consensus on undertaking this Report and to define a process of getting this done. We seek an engagement with as diverse and large a number of people and organisations in this endeavor, to make this a truly Citizens Report and not a Technical Report. We will now get started on the job with putting the Task Force in place that will need to be a set of writers and editors and various people who can anchor parts of the report. The copy of the report of the consultation can be downloaded here : national-consultation-on-citizens-report.doc If you have any suggestions to make on who should be contacted for this, who can provide us with material for the report and who can support this initiative in any way, please let us know. Please feel free to get back to us on this report and any suggestions. Note: Please forward your comments and suggestions directly to Indira Khurana of WaterAid at